If you dream in the iridescent hues of kettle-dyed fibers; if you crave the feel of tweedy wool slipping across your fingertips; if your heart beats faster when your hand-painted, hand-spun yarn arrives in the mail, then welcome to Stitch Therapy–your fiber home away from home.

In 2004, Maxcine DeGouttes opened the bricks and mortar fine yarn shop, Stitch Therapy, in the heart of Park Slope Brooklyn, New York. It has since become a busy hive of creativity, inspiration and support for a growing community of knit, crochet and weaving lovers who know the thrill of working with luxury yarns to create stunning and unique fabrics.

At the store, customers enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of a friend's cozy living room, and benefit from the encouragement and shared knowledge that is Maxcine's mission for the shop. That same support is now offered to the wider fiber arts community through the blog–where you will find stories about what's on Maxcine's needles, as well as customer projects, and much more to inspire you to push your needles to the edge.